In all avenues of life, first impressions are important. In the lifestyle a first impression can make or break the potential to add new fuck buddies to your to-do list. We all recall an accidental or unexpected instance when we cock blocked ourselves. Sometimes we don’t recognize it until days or weeks later while considering […]

If you’ve ever considered taking a trip to a clothing-optional resort, I’ve got two words for you: DO IT! Whether you’ve had multiple non-monogamous experiences or are just curious about the lifestyle, it’s a great place to meet amazing people and push your comfort zone (if you want to). And if you really want to explore […]

The lifestyle has changed me in numerous ways, but one notable example is how I’ve become an assertive woman. We were four months into full swap, in that ‘make plans every weekend, scour the websites daily, fuck like newlyweds, how could life get any better than this’ phase. We had been chatting and exchanging back […]

  We all have a type. Generally. Most of us also appreciate variety. We all peruse profiles and make initial judgments based solely on appearance. How many of us have immediately turned up our noses based on an overly toothy grin, a cheesy wardrobe choice (i.e. Affliction gear), or a dad bod? I’m guilty of […]

I first recognized my hyper sexuality when I was 12. By the time I met my husband at 17 I had slept with 4 men and had a FMF. We married when I was 20, and although happy, we didn’t see each other as best friends. We were both jealous of the other receiving attention […]