Alcohol and swinging go together like cock and pussy. Being tipsy helps ease the nerves felt in new situations, makes you more sociable, and generally increases the fun factor. It also has significant potential to turn a great night into a disaster. I call those disasters learning experiences. It’s a fine line. One of our […]

True love is my favorite emotion. My second favorite is lust. As much as I adore my husband and our open minded sexual relationship, I still fantasize about having an affair. Am I just that greedy or is it human nature? My husband allows me to have sex with other men, why on earth do […]

When you put naked people together embarrassment is bound to arise. Add in drugs and alcohol and it becomes a sure thing. It’s not difficult to foresee what cringe worthy moments might occur when those naked people are a dozen acquaintances or even strangers. We are, after all, shoving someone else’s husband’s babymaker into our […]