My first Love and Sex Expo

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first exposition that was aimed at Love and Sex. It was filled with adult film stars, cam girls, toy makers, lube manufacturers, swingers groups, sexy clothiers, and anything else that you can imagine being related to the topics of Love and Sex. And let me tell you, the entire experience was amazing. Not only was the Exxxotica Expo done right, but there was also another section of the event aimed specifically at the Lifestyle. LifestyleX was complete with parties and playrooms that were opened to only those of us that are either current participants or curious about swinging.

We had the pleasure of meeting the most wonderfully sexually open people at this event. One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the fact that I was surround by people that 100% embraced their sexuality, but they weren’t necessarily all swingers. I thought this was great for a couple of reasons. I haven’t been in a lot of scenarios that I’ve had to explain what “the lifestyle” is and it was really fun to start from the very beginning. Also, it was great to see how many of the people that asked, just jumped in with barely any questions. They were ready to go. When I compare this experience to some vanilla interactions that I’ve had, this rated tops.

When we checked in we were on a lifestyle only floor, so we could see the people that were at least curious about it. That evening we helped work the check in desk and got to meet a ton of the couples that were attending the event. It was such a great way to meet everyone and explain the differences between Exxxotica and LifestyleX. If you ever get the opportunity to volunteer at an event like this, I highly recommend it. There were a few couples that this was their first time attending anything LS related, so when we saw them in the playroom later in the middle of it al getting their freak on, we were pleasantly surprised. However, we called it early the first night with travel and left the play time to our bedroom.

On the 2nd day we helped man the playroom for an afternoon play session and left our room open later that evening to help host a Meet & Greet with Young Swingers Week. We have a lot of fun hosting events and making people feel comfortable in new situations, so we volunteer to do it quite often. After the playroom opened back up, we made our way downstairs with new friends and bad intentions. There was a suspended sex swing that I had been eye-balling and couldn’t wait to try out. It was perfectly positioned to view a sexy foursome on one of the main beds while I was hanging there waiting for my next adventure. The husband and I tried it out with one of our new male friends and have already started looking into purchasing one for the house.

Fortunately for us (and you!) there are still 2 more Exxxotica events that are happening this year and I hope that LifestyleX will be joining both. This is an event you don’t want to miss and we are going to make sure that we don’t either. A quick shoutout to Kasidie and Young Swingers Week too as they helped to make it possible, see you in Chicago!


  1. My wife and I have been kicking this around for a while. Our problem is that we would prefer to have just a single women ( or 2) to join us at least for our first time. I’m not interested in watching my wife with another man and her curiosity is being with another women. We have tried the dating sites, most of which have too many fantasy profiles and not enough single women at least in the western ky. Southern Indiana, and Illinois to Tennessee area that we have found. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed, and advise for a married couple just starting out.


    1. Hi Glen! There are plenty of couples that are out there that are only interested in introducing a female to their bedroom as opposed to whole couples. What sites have you tried? Have you attended any meet and greets? I’ve also had better luck with single females in bar/party situations. You’d be surprised how easy it can bee to test someone’s curiosity with just a few questions or simple touches. The answer is always no to the question that you don’t ask!


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