Venturing Into Polyamory Part 3

Not long after my juicy introduction to this new friend (I’ll call him J), he propositioned my husband and me to join in a 6 some with another smoking hot couple. JACKPOT!! 

The other guy fucked me first, and well, from what I remember. The sheets and I were drenched in his sweat. I caught a few glimpses of J sharing a seemingly passionate moment with the other girl. I hoped someone would eventually ding the bell and call out SWITCH. I wanted a turn with that gorgeous man. If he fucked like he fingered, I would not be disappointed. He eventually made his way over to my bed and stuck his dick inside of me without haste. He said to the other guy, “Now I see why you’re sweating. She’s energetic.” Or something along those lines. (I’ve always preferred a vigorous pounding in the swinger scene. Hard, quick, rough. Flip me over, grab my shoulders for leverage. Slap my ass, make me your fuck toy. I’ll tell you when to dive deeper. And when to stick a finger in my ass. Beg you not to stop. That’s my happy place. And I almost always get what I want.) 

That first time, he fucked me somewhere in between. Not too hard, not too fast. Not dirty, nor aggressive. He seemed cautious, respectful. Truthfully I don’t recall many explicit details from that experience. What I can’t forget is how intense his eyes felt holding my gaze. How his eyes squinted closed and his head tilted back slightly as his pleasure heightened. And the way he exhaled in short bursts through pursed lips. (A sound that has since become so incredibly erotic that I play it again and again in my mind, sometimes even mimicking it out loud as I touch myself and pretend he’s inside of me.) 

The conversations we shared throughout the trip made for an effortless connection. He was the perfect combination of confidence, humor and flirtation. His sarcasm and honesty matched mine. Once mid week we almost missed each other in the hall. I turned around at the last second to see his adorably contagious smile as we greeted one another quickly in passing. It was a short, simple moment, but I walked away thinking “Hmm… there’s something about that guy.” We fucked again in two separate orgies. My husband noted how I seemed to be drawn to J, as every time he turned around we were chatting and flirting. 

We closed out our vacation with a more intimate foursome. During that last session he sparked something that left me curious and craving more. He was fucking me missionary. His cock pressed firmly and repetitively against my anterior wall, which made me feel like I was going to poop. I pushed his hips back to release my legs and adjust. He swiftly and forcefully grabbed my wrists, pinned them down and fucked me even harder. I couldn’t have moved if I tried. But I didn’t try. That minor display of dominance had a palpable effect on my body. He was using me. And I fucking loved it. 

The four of us stayed up until the early morning discussing our relationships and experiences. We learned that we were at similar points in our journeys. All a bit burnt out on the swinger scene, searching for more intimate extramarital connections. Their commitment and security was refreshing and relatable. 

He gave me his number and told me to keep in touch. Within a week I texted him anonymously. He could tell by the sarcastic flirtation it was me. He suggested we talk on the phone. A first for me with another man. And so began our long distance friendship. 


  1. Wow this is so intense. Is your hubby seeking the same with another woman ? And how do u feel if he was in the same position as you? One last thing ever thought of a dp with this j and your hubby ?

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    1. Glad you like! My husband was seeking the same, but hasn’t found the connection I have yet. He’s discouraged at the moment and looking for something more casual. I fully expect to go through my own bouts of jealousy and insecurity when he does find a girlfriend. It’s to be expected with all the new territory. Very emotional. But worth it! Lots of growth! We’ve had several foursomes with J and his wife. He would certainly DP me with my husband. Or my favorite–DVP. We enjoy our intimidate moments alone very much, but certainly expect to find ourselves in group situations in the future.


  2. you guys are so fucking incredible.What a great couple.J is sure a lucky man to have met you both or vice versa.No chance of a connection for your husband with Js wife? And how does she feel with your connection with J?


    1. You are so sweet! We are all the lucky ones and don’t take it for granted. My husband and J’s wife enjoy fucking and will likely hook up when our paths cross again. They’re friendly in person, but without a connection. Equal four way chemistry is a rarity. In addition, my husband is hesitant to begin a long distance relationship. J’s wife is comfortable with the relationship I have with her husband. She is one of the most independent, secure women I’ve met. They have a unique relationship. Together for 20 years. She has a boyfriend as well. The trust, love and commitment they have for one another is admirable, almost inconceivable.


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