Different Strokes For Different Folks

I tend to think I’m more open minded than most. Certainly in comparison to the average woman. Every so often a situation arises that reminds me of the significance of remaining tolerant.

We met a couple with whom we were pleasantly surprised to learn we share mutual friends. There was an equal adoration for said friends. Lots of story telling and laughs. We bonded easily and quickly over this common ground. He was attractive enough. Rico Suave on steroids, an excellent communicator and flirt. She is the image of what I pray to look like in 10 years. Classy, well aged, undoubtedly pretty. A total sweetheart with a contagious smile. My husband was more into her than I was into him, but I certainly wasn’t taking one for the team. We made plans to hook up soon after.

Just before we headed to the bedroom the guy pulls me aside and says, “Can I ask you something personal? I’m just going to put it out there.” “Of course, nothing is too personal for me,” I say. “How does your husband feel about guys?” I must’ve looked confused or paused two seconds too long. “Uhhhh….we’ve done DVP, he’s cool with that,” I reply. “The reason I ask is because my wife likes it when I suck cock with her.”

Let me be clear. I’m not offended by gay or bisexuality. I simply had not anticipated being propositioned as such. It was uncharted territory. Never envisioned, even as fantasy. Clearly not our preference. “Ohhhhhh…..yeah, no, he wouldn’t be into that.” He didn’t miss a beat. He explained how it turned his wife on to see him being submissive. He claimed he did it more for her. “I thought if by chance you guys were into that we could maximize our fun,” he said, “but no worries, it’s not something we do often.” I was a bit lost for words, lots of nodding and smiling. “Now you have to share something personal with me since I told you our little secret,” he suggested. I divulged my second deepest secret, that at 17 the family dog licked sour cream off my lady bits and made me cum. We were both sexual deviants. We hugged, he told me I was awesome and appreciated my openness.

That information didn’t deter us from naked time. We liked them as people, the chemistry was right, it was bound to be a positive experience. That new boundary was clear.

It was your typical foursome. Girls get the party started, then swap spouses. Oral then fuck. I was sitting on his face, looking towards the wall when I felt his head being moved up and down my pussy. He moans “ohhh she’s fucking me so good, she’s fucking me so good.” I lost all concentration immediately. I turned around to discover his wife between his legs ramming her fingers into his asshole. Not gently I might add. He was obviously enjoying the sensation. Good for him. My pussy, on the other hand, dried up faster than the Sahara. I could not focus enough to regain any pleasure. My dismay was non evident, I faked an “O” face and pushed through the remainder of our playtime.

He hadn’t broken any rules or crossed any lines. His wife was attentive, heightening his pleasure, perhaps making the foursome a more memorable experience for him. She’s a keeper. The discomfort was in the way his submission unexpectedly made him far less attractive to me. I have often fantasized about fucking my husband with a strap-on missionary while I jerk his cock. I want to watch his face as he cums. That intense new tugging sensation of his asshole will surely make his eyes roll back. I can feel his body trembling. I can hear the deeper, more zealous moans coming from his open mouth. I am enthralled that my actions can evoke that sort of bodily response from another human being. Most days I’m thankful I was born with a vagina. Having a penis as well as the self control to remain within society’s rigid laws and norms does not seem like an easy task. I’m obsessed with my penis. I want to do unspeakable things with it. And I don’t even have one. All that being said, I’m not immune to fantasizing about playing a dominant role while my husband plays the submissive.

Our level of openness and comfort varies with each couple whom we interact. I suppose this couple felt secure enough to be themselves, despite being introduced only a day before. Thinking back now, I should’ve taken it as a compliment. We had made them feel accepted, our open mindedness was liberating enough for them to let go. Each individual and couple derives pleasure in different forms. It may seem natural to turn our noses up at something outside of our own experiences or comfort zone. Shock and awe are instinctive reactions, judgement and disgust are unnecessary. As they say, different strokes for different folks. Never say never. You too may one day find your limits being pushed far beyond your wildest expectations.

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