Back In The Saddle Again

Every swinger has a different list of benefits they reap by partaking in extramarital sexual activities. This morning I was reminded of one of my favorites.

Last night we had a date with a new couple. We met them in a group setting previously, twice sharing interesting conversation and immediate attraction. This was the much desired alone time that would determine if the four way chemistry was strong enough to make them our newest fuck buddies.

My husband and I recently endured a six week monogamous streak. One evening, five weeks into our “reconnection,” we realized simultaneously that we were bored. We had spent the day sexting, building tension through nudie pics and raunchy verbiage. We were going to have a great fuck. No doubt. We kept the flirtation going when he got home. All signs pointed to penetration. We poured wine and relaxed on the couch, waiting for the kids to fall asleep. A boring documentary acted as background noise while we played on our phones. Eventually the pitter patter of little feet ceased and we sat staring at each other identically. It was one of those moments words weren’t needed. It was late, mental and physical exhaustion were consuming us. We half smiled, agreeing at that moment, sleep outweighed the effort required to cum. “Guess that means we need to fuck other people,” I said with a grin. We cuddled until we fell asleep.

Fast forward to last night. We decided to make it low key with drinks, snacks, and conversation at their place. We uncovered many commonalities, which kept the chit chat flowing naturally. Her and I are blunt, honest, confident women. Our husbands are on the timid, sensitive end of the spectrum. We all appreciated one another’s willingness to share personal struggles within our own marriages. Four hours of flirting and laughing eased the nerves of newness, but not enough to proceed with my typical direct proposition. They looked at the clock and joked, “We better do this now or you guys have to leave.” It was late and the impending work day loomed over them. “Okay,” I said immediately, heading towards the bedroom. Everyone readily followed.

She and my husband chose the master bedroom and we veered into the elaborate children’s playroom, complete with queen bed and adjacent futon. As our lips met for the first time my attraction for him was firmly reassured. Kissing compatibility is at the top of my list for potential chemistry and connection. And the potential was tangible. We took our time, savoring our make out session. A welcomed change of pace from the common wam-bam lifestyle technique. I unbuttoned his jeans and helped pull them down. He was already hard from the lip lock and grind foreplay. I started by kissing and licking his upper inner thighs and moved to the sensitive part closer to his asshole. My tongue traced the outline of his balls. He moaned gently as my mouth consumed his throbbing cock. My palm encircled his shaft and stroked firmly up and down in sync with my head bobbing on his tip. After several minutes he flipped me onto my back and spread my legs. He didn’t waste any time. His tongue found that spot effortlessly and caressed it tenderly. Just the right amount of pressure and speed. And focus. On my sweet spot. He added in fingers and soon after, my pussy was dripping. Fingers are my go-to. But only until I need a cock to stretch my little hole. He was eager as well. He rolled the condom down and laid between my parted thighs. His hard tip found its way to my small, wet opening and he pushed it in slowly until it reached the deepest wall. He gained speed as he entered me again and again, but it wasn’t forceful or dominant. He seemed to get comfortable as we continued, pinning my legs back to angle his cock towards my G-spot. Mmm…that angle. His thrusts got harder and faster. He took control, turned me to my side, gripping one bent thigh for leverage. His cock felt super deep inside of me, it was obvious this position was taking him there quickly. “You’re going to make me cum,” he whispered. He grabbed my hair at the root and continued railing me. Oh my GOD. YES. I thought. Tell me how my pussy feels wrapped around your cock. Tell me how you’re using my teeny hole as your little fuck toy. It was our first time so I didn’t say any of those things. I’ve learned to gauge my crowd. I’m a lot to handle, known to scare off the shy ones. Some need to work up to my level of dirty. He held his pulsing cock deep inside of me as he came. His moans of pleasure and release made my clit throb. He collapsed onto the bed next to me and we cuddled. Our fingertips grazed the other’s skin as we talked awhile longer, waiting for our spouses to finish up. It was increasingly comfortable, surprisingly less awkward than many first times.

On the drive home we recapped our nights for each other. My husband had an equally impressive night. I’ve known that man for 16 years. The look on his face, the tone of his voice. He was smitten with this new woman after just one hour alone. The excitement we felt carried on once we hit the sheets. It was electric. Equal parts passion and primal. He probably thought of her as he destroyed my cervix. I didn’t care. It was my body reaping the benefits of his lust. It was one of those pull out cum shots so forceful and thick it trailed from my pussy to my neck. I woke up the next morning with a tingly throbbing pussy, needing more. He awoke to me grinding on his leg and massaging his growing cock. “I need to cum,” I begged. I rubbed my tender clit, watching his engorged cock opening my little pink hole. I’m a sucker for a close-up. The build up was strong and quick. My pussy exploded, clenching down around his perfect cock. He was close too. He flipped me onto my belly, one leg to the side. Handfuls of my ass were in his grip. His palm pressed firmly against my low back, forcing me into place. His way of saying, “Don’t move. I’m going to use your body for my pleasure now.” Thinking about the noises he made as he gifted me with his second load in 8 hours makes me writhe against the seam of my pants as I type this.

We looked at each other in amazement, with the same unspoken thoughts. That felt like it did when I was 18 and you were 22. How incredible is it that after so many years and countless fucks we can still share these mind blowing sexual experiences? We are beyond lucky. So in love and in lust. We jumped in the shower as our natural high remained. I stared at him when he closed his eyes to rinse his hair. I admired the fine lines around his eyes and forehead creases that weren’t there when we fell in love so many years ago. I love this man. I love how he loves me. I love the freedom we give each other to explore and live. His eyes met mine and we embraced. “THIS is why we fuck other people,” I said. And he smiled.


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