Your Swing Type and How it Does (or Doesn’t) Define You

Recently we were on Playboy Radio as guests of Holli & Michael, and it was so much fun discussing our site and what we are trying to accomplish. We also got to have a little fun answering some situational questions (check out or interview here around the 20 min mark).  Prior to our interview they were discussing the “type” of swingers that they are. And it made me realize that while we’ve discussed rules we haven’t mentioned this classification.

If you’ve ever filled out an online profile on Kasidie, or any other swingers site, you’ll always be asked what your play comfort is. Some of these options are more obvious than others.

  • Watch: You and your partner may only want to watch another couple play together and not get involved
  • Soft: This is generally referring to heavy petting and oral across the sexes.
  • Full: You and your partner will participate in sexual activity up to and including penetration.
  • Situation Full: You and your partner are open to penetration but only based on some pre-defined conditions that need to be met. (i.e. Everyone has to like each other, be in the mood, be available to play, etc)
  • Girl/girl only: Likely all people are in the same room but only the women have sexual involvement. The men are usually playing with only their partner in this situation.

Now that you know the difference you can select the option that best describes you’re ready to go. Everyone will know exactly what it will be like to be with you because no one’s mind ever changes. Also moods and connections between couples have zero influence. You’ve picked what “type” of swinger you are and you’re committed to it 100% of the time!

Honestly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you ever meet someone or a couple that makes you feel that way, RUN AWAY!

As an example, my husband and I define ourselves as a full swap couple. We are also what is called same-room only, which means that the majority of our sexcapades are enjoyed while we are together and able to see one another. However, neither of these two are constants. We’ve had scenarios where I may half swap with the male partner, but my husband doesn’t with the female half. Or we may be in a puddle of people and I feel the need to take a sex break and leave the room while my partner does what he wants.

Either way, know that there is no RIGHT and WRONG when choosing your path. As a couple you should be clear on everyone’s comfort level and find what works best for you. You can change your rules or classification whenever you want because ultimately it’s about enhancing the pleasure between you and your partner.  As Holli and Michael say “There is no one right way to swing”.

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