It’s all about the Girls

If you’ve ever met me, I doubt that you would guess that I used to have a difficult time making new friends. Well, scratch that, I’ve had a tough time making new female friends. However, of all of the “new” things that we’ve tried and tested coming into this lifestyle; making new female friends has been the easiest.

I believe that the reason that forming this bond has become so much easier for me is because of two things. The first is the lack of insecurity. In this world, we are here because we are self-confident, strong women who are secure in not only ourselves, but in our relationships as a whole. We KNOW that we are loved and adored by our husbands/boyfriends and that they want to spend their lives with us. Enough so that we will even let them have sex with other people (crazy, right?). Because we know this, we don’t view other women as threats and we rarely get jealous. This makes it easier to allow them into our lives.

The other reason that I believe that female companionship has been easier for me is due to the attraction factor. I’ve been fascinated by girls/women for as long as I can remember. My first kiss was with a female and so were my few first sexual experiences. Not all, but a lot of the women in the lifestyle are bisexual, bi-curious, or some other clever form of bi-something. The combination of these two facts have made female friendship effortless.

So, if you’ve ever had trouble making new girlfriends, I promise these are your people! Go ahead and put yourself out there, introduce yourself to the women that you are attracted to, or that you admire from a distance (if bi-something isn’t your thing). You won’t regret being the first one to speak up about each other’s awesomeness.

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  1. Great points! The same was true on our side. Nicoleta is very shy and hasn’t been quick to make friends with girls, but the lifestyle changed that as it frees her from fear of being judged or having to be overly careful about things she says.


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