First Impressions and Second Chances

In all avenues of life, first impressions are important. In the lifestyle a first impression can make or break the potential to add new fuck buddies to your to-do list. We all recall an accidental or unexpected instance when we cock blocked ourselves. Sometimes we don’t recognize it until days or weeks later while considering why a couple has stopped engaging with us. Fortunately for my husband and me, our less than A team showings have occurred with forgiving couples who offered a second chance. Maybe we’re just that likable. Maybe it’s his giant cock. Could definitely be my tight…body. We probably have GOOD FUCK written all over us. It’s all or none of those things but it doesn’t matter as long as we’ve established a level of awesomeness that pushes couples to keep coming back for more. Our relationship with one of the few couples we have equal four way chemistry with started off a bit rocky. We had been chatting online for several months. They were secure, long time married professionals with kids in a similar age group. The active outdoorsy type, relaxed, approachable, no expectation or pressure. Their pictures exceeded our high standards. The potential for chemistry was high. After several failed attempts to meet, we finally did. Easy conversation over a tasty dinner. Just the right combination of flirtation and commonality. The attraction was obviously mutual. We eagerly accepted the invite back to their place.

The ten minute drive gave the hubby and me those first time nervous-excited butterflies. We held hands, talked about our feelings and hopes for the evening. We were on the exact same page and ready to conquer this sexy new couple together! My nerves were calmed when the two drinks consumed at dinner hit me. I was ready to fuck. Our new friends so graciously played bartender, offering delicious drinks to further break the ice. Five sweet concoctions later my clothes were begging to be peeled off. I ask “so…are we ready to go upstairs?” We started with girl play. Her kisses were fast, different, intriguing. Her body was even more appealing in person. Her nipples were perfectly proportionate to her perky tits. They hardened easily beneath my tongue’s caress. The softness of her skin on mine left me feeling a warmth and sensuality only another woman can provide. Her scent and taste evoked my desire to learn how she cums. I wanted to hear her moans, feel her muscles tensing and her moist little hole clenching tightly around my fingers.

Girlplay evolved into soft swap, which led to full. It was seamless. Until that seam ripped right down the middle. My hot new fuck buddy, who pleasantly surprised me with his big cock, began drilling me from behind. The thrusting seemed to be mixing the variety of sugary beverages in my stomach. The burning crawled its way into my esophagus. I swallowed hard to keep it down, to fight it back. Try taking a deep breath while your pussy is being pounded and your stomach is attempting to reject your overindulgence in vodka and fireball. I tapped out for a bathroom break. I hoped the music muffled the sound of vomit splattering on the sink. The consistency was liquid, obviously those extra cocktails I sipped too quickly. I rinsed out the sink, wiped the mascara from under my eyes, and ate their toothpaste. Back in the game.

Round two commenced with all the sights, sounds and smells that four entangled bodies arouse. I forgot about the vomit and focused on how this unfamiliar penis felt as it opened my little pussy. Ten minutes later the churning returned. I started feeling dizzy, a bit light headed. Bathroom break number two. I opted for tossing my cookies in the toilet this time. Smart choice since the contents included my salmon, broccoli and rice dinner. Never would’ve gone down the drain. Damn it. That was $23. More Colgate. Breath test. Despite the blood shot eyes and disheveled makeup, I still looked hot. Pep talk to self in vomit splattered mirror. Time to rally. Get it together. You barely know these people. Must prove your sex goddess status. Deeeeeeep breath. And go.

I sat on the couch, expressing how tired I was. My nausea had mostly subsided, but an overwhelming fatigue hit me like a brick wall. I could hardly keep my eyes open. The wife sexily made her way over. She parted my knees and demonstrated her tongue tricks on my clit. It felt grand, but it was also relaxing. A welcome alternative to the vigorous nausea inducing cervix smashing I’d just endured. I’m awakened by my husband rubbing my shoulder, tapping my leg. “Babe, come on. It’s time to go.” I half coherently sit up, mumble something, and attempt to stand. The guys help me to my feet, his wife gathers my belongings and lets me use her body for stability as I redress. We say goodbye and thank them for a fun night. I hear the three of them joking and laughing as my husband helps me into the car. I know it’s at my expense, but I don’t care. I’m in a drunken stupor and have never needed sleep more in my life. We weren’t a block away and I jerk awake, fumbling with the door. The instant my husband opened the door I purged the rest of my stomach contents on the door sill and road below.

It was one of those nights you sleep in your contacts and dress. Wake up with a headache, in last night’s makeup, needing water in the worst way. Hubby and I cuddle and start our traditional debrief of the night’s shenanigans. The embarrassment is strong. I dread the apology I will eventually have to make. My better half reassures me that everyone has been in my situation, not to worry about it. I send my tail-between-the-legs apology email later that day. With their response, we knew this couple would be more than just fuck buddies. They made light of the situation by playfully teasing me, pointing out the stimulating parts of our foursome, and ensuring they enjoyed our company outside of the bedroom as well. It was one of the first of many lifestyle learning experiences. First impressions are important, however, no one is immune to disaster. Swingers are some of the most understanding, open minded, and forgiving people you’ll meet. I made out with a couple after puking in their sink and eating their toothpaste. And we’re still friends to laugh about it. Offer those couples a second chance. It may lead to a lifelong friendship.

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