What to expect at a Lifestyle Resort

If you’ve ever considered taking a trip to a clothing-optional resort, I’ve got two words for you: DO IT! Whether you’ve had multiple non-monogamous experiences or are just curious about the lifestyle, it’s a great place to meet amazing people and push your comfort zone (if you want to). And if you really want to explore your hedonistic side, check out one of the Desire Resorts.

We recently had the pleasure of going to Desire Pearl in Cancún, Mexico last month. This was a return trip and it certainly won’t be the last. Pearl isn’t just a facetious word. This place is as fancy and as decadent as it sounds. The food is top notch and they are able to cater to a variety of dietary restrictions. The decor is fantastically modern without losing it’s Mexican roots. And the staff has to be the best we have ever experienced. Always attentive, nothing falters and we always felt well serviced.

While all of those things are a substantial base for the trip, they are certainly not the MOST important on a trip like this. It’s without a doubt the people and how much you put yourselves out there. We’ve met the most amazing people on these trips and most of the connections start the same way. You’re at the bar in the vicinity of someone you find attractive and one of you sparks a conversation, if it’s not the other person, make sure it’s YOU! If there is a strong connection and you find their partner equally (or close) attractive, you’ll do spousal introductions. With any luck this is followed by a day of drinks and discussions about yourselves and your experiences in the lifestyle. Hopefully followed by dinner and if you’re really lucky some coochie-coochie (as the resort staff so lovingly calls it).

There also seems to be some unspoken timeline. You start at the pool (or beach) during the day, go to the hot tub around 4pm when it opens and the pool bar closes, followed by a nap, or get ready/relax time, but I always nap. Then we get ready for a fantastic dinner and then a change for the theme night. I LOVE the theme nights! Who doesn’t like an excuse to get all dressed up in your sexiest gear.

If you’re even slightly curious about the lifestyle, there is a place for you here! If watching or exhibitionism is your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy the space at the hot tub as there are plenty of beds that surround the tub specifically for play. If you’re ready to get down and dirty, it couldn’t be any more convenient than this. So go, have fun, get naked and enjoy the freedom that comes with it!

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