My Journey Into the Lifestyle

I first recognized my hyper sexuality when I was 12. By the time I met my husband at 17 I had slept with 4 men and had a FMF. We married when I was 20, and although happy, we didn’t see each other as best friends. We were both jealous of the other receiving attention from the opposite sex. I was so insecure I despised the thought of him being attracted to other women. Little white lies were the norm. That changed after 7 years of marriage when I initiated our first honest conversation about fantasies. We discovered that our fantasies similarly involved other people. I admitted my desire to pleasure another woman. We carefully planned out our first experience with another couple, my long time best friend and her husband. It was even more exciting than we had envisioned. Being with a woman was a whole new, mind blowing world. We soft swapped with them and one other couple close to us for 3 years before we were comfortable enough to full swap. These past 5 years have brought us incredibly close. Soulmates has real meaning. We are best friends. Our journey of learning about ourselves and each other continues to evolve. There is a depth to our love that we couldn’t have comprehended before we entered the lifestyle. When you allow your partner to be themselves without judgment you show them what true love means. In allowing and welcoming their sexual expression you’re better able to see who they are as a human being, not only a husband or wife in their daily roles. We’re not certain if this way of life will continue throughout our marriage, but so long as we are content, secure, and on the same page, we plan to enjoy this blissful ride. Together.

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