How I became the best version of myself by becoming the “worst” version of myself

I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime. Always trying to figure out where or how I fit in. What
color should my hair be? What clothes should I wear? What kinds of friends do I want in my life? Until finally after 30+ years of searching I’ve found the answer. And it was found in a completely unorthodox way, I found it through swinging.
Now, contrary to what that implies, it does not mean that I find my self-worth through the act of sex with multiple partners, being non-monogamous with my husband, or wearing the sluttiest clothes you can imagine (but I have to admit those all have some empowering qualities). What it means is that through sexual freedom I’ve developed this amazing ability to self-identify and appreciate the traits that make me, me,
whether “good” or “bad”.
I now know to surround myself with people who are truly accepting of me. Who love me even though I can be selfish and blunt, they also see my kindness and caring.  They love me because while I look sweet and innocent, I’m dirty on the inside.

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